Cookies, Privacy, all that stuff

It seems every website (that uses cookies) should include a European Community Cookies Law Policy disclaimer. As part of that policy it's also advised that the site include a page about how cookies are used on the site and any other privacy details that visitors/users may need to know. You're reading that page.

This site only uses session cookies for this site alone and only to store info so we show the right info next time you visit. This site doesn't use any 3rd party tracking cookies or other types of cookie that follow you between sites.

The reason for this is that I really don't care which other sites you visit, or why you visited this site. I don't care about any analytics that help put you in demographic segments. I'm not trying to sell you anything, or sell info about your page views to anyone. I'm not advertising anything here.

In case you're excited about cookie laws in the EU, here's a few links that'll tell you more. But seriously, life is quite short, you probably don't want to spend it reading EU directives. Instead, try poking F12 then Resources and have a look under the covers yourself. Anyway, those links...

So, the cookies you will find on this site are for things like:

  • remembering you clicked the cookies button, so you don't need to see that banner again
  • remembering which tab/accordion/other UI widget you last clicked so when you revisit the page you get shown the same thing as last time
  • giving you a unique ID in case some CMS widget on the site needs it to do something cool

If you don't like cookies, or don't trust me not to do bad things, feel free to disable cookies for this site, it should still work fine. Although some of the pages may act a bit dumb and not remember what you were doing.

Oh, feel free to use AdBlock or similar too, there aren't any adverts here. No Adobe Flash, ActiveX widgets or Java Applets either. The site does use Javascript though, 'cos it's not the 90's any more.

And a final note - there are various links to shopping sites (Pimoroni, Adafruit, etc) in the articles here. These sites aren't paying me anything, I doubt they even know I'm linking to them. Links to Amazon may include a referrer id (so I get a tiny kickback if you buy from the link), I'll clearly mark those as such. Feel free to search elsewhere or strip off the referrer bits if they bug you.

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