This site was originally powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero. Sadly the PHP processing required just too much grunt and the CPU spent most of its time maxed out when I edited the pages. So now it's hosted by Vidahost on their cheapest deal, which isn't great, but does the job. The CMS section is still correct though.

That little Pi Zero marvel is still now hosting a couple of static sites, which it handles admirably:

The Hardware

This section is a bit of detail about the Raspberry Pi Zero hosting this site. Yup, this is running on a computer that cost £4. See more about that where I talk about my Pi Zero Web Server

OK not quite that cheap. For the pedants who want to know everything I spent, to prove that Pi Zeroes aren't actually any cheaper than "proper" computers, the full cost was:

  • £4 - Pi Zero
  • £4 - cables and adapters (of which I'm only using the micro->normal USB)
  • £4.50 x2 - wifi dongle (one to run a local hotspot, one to connect to the world)
  • £3.75 - 8GB class 10 MicroSD card
  • = £20.75

Although if I was doing this as cheaply as possible I could drop the second wifi dongle, get a cheap 4GB SD card (£2.50), and I didn't need the cable kit (seriously, who hasn't got spare mobile charger cables around the place?) Giving a price of 4 + 4.5 + 2.5 = £11


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