Welcome to ProjectArc - a website devoted to answering the Zen Koan...

"what is the sound of one techie waffling?"

... by throwing together a bunch of whatever I thought about and was then eager enough that I wrote about it and maybe even took some pictures.

On the whole it's likely you'll find some fairly rambling blog posts about fiddling with Raspberry Pis (mainly Zeroes), enterprise-ish Java, remote working, and whatever other techie subjects amuse me at the time.

I also host a couple of smaller websites on one of my Raspberry Pi zeroes

AppendixV is a general dumping group of geeky notes I've written up

Terminally Foolish is a slightly painful exercise in building and maintaining a website using modern tools and frameworks, but only using a command line terminal, on a really underpowered netbook.

© Me. Best viewed with a sense of humour and a beer in hand.