ADAM CARLESS - Project History

Over the years Adam has worked on a large number of projects in various areas of the software industry. Only a few of these are included in the CV, so this page gives more detail on the projects Adam has worked on over the years.

The projects range from small, one man chunks of work to large enterprise redevelopment programmes, involving many developers and user groups. In most cases the work has included more than just raw code development, usually the work has covered the full software lifecycle, from initial requirements discussions, through to in-life support and occasionally even decommissioning.

Aviva Digital Foundry (Internal software for Aviva Insurance)

Adam most recently worked for a year in Aviva Digital Foundry as a senior tech lead in their Integration and APIs (I&A) group. Adam worked in an internationally distributed software team, helping to design and build services used throughout the business.

I&A teams work more on infrastructural systems and services, rather than on projects and products, so this section is more about "areas of experience" than "project history".

Hansard International (international finance company)

Adam worked for Hansard as a senior software engineer for nearly ten years (2007 to 2017). This role covered all aspects of software development on various core projects and applications, used by both internal teams and client/customer groups.

Adam's projects at Hansard were mainly online applications based on Java, Spring, Hibernate and various Apache libraries, on Tomcat and Glassfish, using Oracle databases. These projects included:

Freelance software consultant

Adam started doing freelance work in late 2006, when he was recommended to a biotech startup company to help validate and improve their diagnosis process. Since then he has worked on various projects for small organisations.

This has included:

Energis LTD (telecoms and hosting company)

Adam joined Energis late in 2002 as a senior developer, working in Leeds as part of the Design & Development team. In addition to his project work Adam also helped to introduce and increase knowledge of Java and Java related technologies within Energis.

Adam's work at Energis included:

Roundpeg/Roundpoint LTD (online startup consultancy)

Adam joined Roundpeg early in 2000 as a media application developer, working in Cambridge and San Francisco. He became the UK Technical Team Leader when the UK branch began expanding and taking on larger projects.

As a result of the reduced market for custom enterprise software projects in early 2002, Adam moved into the Roundpoint arm of the company to work on integrating Roundpoint software with various content management systems to produce subscription based mobile services for PDAs, phones and other internet devices.

While working in the UK and USA, Adams project work included:

Cambridge Consultants LTD (high-tech consultancy company)

Adam joined CCL as a Software Engineer in the Software Technology Group in October 1997, to work on various new software ideas which took advantage of current technology trends. He also worked in the Distributed Systems Group doing OO consultancy and design. Projects Adam has been involved with include:

Independent Work

In addition to his full-time work, Adam has also worked on a number of small projects and technical consulting roles for other companies and individuals, including:

Older history and academic work

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