This site is run by me - hello.

The main purpose of this site is to give me somewhere to play with a CMS, write down anything I think might be useful to some other techie doing a similar job, and generally be a bit of a vanity site. Why? Because I'm a software techie and these days it'd be a bit odd if I didn't have a blog or some kind of online presence by which I could waffle at the world and share comical dog and cat pictures without relying on some big social media site.

Although it's not really intended as an online CV, the stuff I'm writing hopefully does give some kind of impression of who I am and what I do.

The important stuff

Tabs or spaces?Tabs (*)
Vi or Emacs?Vi (*)
Favourite key switchesCherry MX Brown
Usual Linux distroDebian (or task specific derivative)
Open curly brackets belong...on the end of the line
Code comments are...Part of the code, maintain them as such
First home computerDragon 32
First real operating systemVMS
First professional languageAda (with C and 68k assembler on the side)
Android or AppleAndroid


I prefer tabs, but don't complain too much about spaces, as long as they're used consistently. No switching from 4 to 2 when lines get tight, no packing a few extras in to line up with something arbitrary, and no deliberately making life awkward. If you insist on using spaces to indent, just pick an indent width and stick to it.


Jedit is my preferred text editor. But in the "true editor wars" I've ended up on the VI side by accident, because it's the one we were taught first at uni. I'll try to learn Emacs at some point, honest!

© Me. Best viewed with a sense of humour and a beer in hand.